With its research and development department, Asserva brings you simplicity and profitability.

Since many years, Asserva puts its expertise at the service of industry. From field reality, our research and development department conceives and develops effective solution to answer to the challenges with which are confronted the project leaders.

We work in collaboration with our customers to bring their a technology accessible and easy to use. Thanks to R&D, Asserva can immediate adapt to respond on improving and to customer asks.

  • Food transport
  • RFID chip
  • Access control
  • Ventilation (dust particles)
  • Industry
  • Filtration group

This, allow us today, to use its competences in many applications like: 

  • Weighing accuracy
  • Matter measuring
  • Electronic system
  • Access control (household waste collection system)
  • Automatic distribution of pellets
  • Water treatment
  • Ventilation 
Pellets Matic - Lamballe
conteneur connecté - Lamballe - Asserva
Pellets Matic - Lamballe

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