The solution to store and use the cereals produced by your farm !

Since 1978, Asserva design and install feed meal units on the farm. Systems that today allow breeders to better control the cost of food while adapting the diet of animals according to their specific needs.

Asserva now offers a wide range of crushers, mixers and automated management to effectively meet the needs of farmers.

Pneumatic systeme

Pneumatic distribution to weaning or fattening pigs can be used to transport granulated feed, meal, and damp-corn-based formula. 

The system may be an extension to the feed production equipment, or a specialised independent facility. 

The system’s flexibility means that dry feed can be distributed along very long buildings, or buildings located some distance away. The new switches with cylinder valves lower maintenance costs.


Asserva has designed the Hydrensil system for granulated corn stored in clamp silos. A hydraulic system carries water loaded with corn from the soup machine to the hydrensil. A tank can hold enough corn for the day. 

A pipe is fitted to the bottom of the hydrensil tank to draw off corn which is transported to the soup machine, that weighs the quantity taken. 

This system is a real asset as it does not require close proximity to the soup machine, which is often difficult to access.

  • Grain container trench : the container is designed to hold the same amount of grain as a lorry, saving you time when loading.

  • Grain sorter : This slim-line piece of equipment removes foreign bodies from grain to maximise storage space.


  • Bucket elevator : Its buckets guarantee the best possible flow of grain.

  • Storage cell.

  • Mineral storage : Moulded and equipment with a motor, the vats come with an automated agitator.

  • Storage silo for wet corn.

  • Products hoovered up and sent to grain granulator: Pneumatic suction optimises the grain flow through pipes and avoids residue, both in and out of the system.

  • Gravity granulator: With an adjustable mesh to avoid all risk of blockage, the gravity granulator provides a higher flow for the same power, thus by using less electricity.

  • Damp corn granulator: The stainless granulator protects against abrasions and corrosion.
  • Suction unit – mixer : The supercharged suction unit inhales, holds, and mixes grains. Added bonus: comes with resistant steel vat already fitted.
  • Transfer of finished product to feed storage silo: The pipes, which can be buried, are able to transfer the finished product up to 300m.
  • Pneumatic transfer and distribution system to suckling, weaning and finishing stock : This process bypassses both the soup and the damp corn, thereby saving on the drying cost of the cereal.

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