The solution to recover the energy from slurry !

Asserva develops its range with the installation of slurry centrifuges in breeding. Thus, in order to guarantee our customers maximum reliability of their installations, we choose our suppliers according to the quality and their experience in the field.

Separation of matters with proportional or hydraulic transmission

The phase separation  by decanter allows to purify the suspended particles of dry matter. After division, the solid fraction represents 10 to 20% of initial weight, which allows to have a capture rate of phosphorous up to 80% and 30 % nitrogen.

How does it work ? The matter is injected in the central part of of the decanter, the liquid is immediately projected on the separator’s walls thanks to centrifugal force.

Then, an auger pushes the solid particles towards the conical section, where they are squeezed and extracted.

– liquid inside = Better drying.
+liquid outside = Better nutrient extraction.

Centrifugeuse - traitement du lisier - Asserva
  • Automatic and continuous regulation of the differential speed.

  • The possibility of working at low differential turns (<2rpm).

  • The instantaneous evacuation of slurry.

  • Energy recovery.

  • Significant reduction in consumption.

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